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     smart journey • smart parking • smart business • smart occupancy 

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is managing your car park
a real headache?

the jurn-e business application suite

is your solution!

your project deserves the full attention of a specialist

jurn-e is the association of two experienced visions in the field of parking:

  • a technical vision resolutely turned towards priority digital solutions based on minimalist and user-friendly materials 

  • a vision of operator allowing a perfect integration in the customer journey

Équipement de studio d'enregistrement
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solutions jurn-e
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the jurn-e  business portal exclusively dedicated to companies

  • short term booking

  • book parking for your visitor

  • partially or totally privatize the car park

  • manage employee access to the car park (Pool Management)

  • open your car park to the public

  • automated billing & payment

  • payment gateway supported

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jurn-e business an application at the service of the company

  • location of the car park

  • number of parking spot(s) available (real time)

  • reservation request

  • scheduling reservations

  • possibility of contracting a subscription

  • payment of parking fees

  • yield management

fleet manager

  • determines the number of places simultaneously available (depending on the lease),

  • encodes as many license plates as there are vehicles that can access them (often a greater number than the parking spot(s) granted in the lease),

  • decides on the use of over quota (entry authorization for employees beyond the number of parking spot(s) with reporting and invoicing at the end of the month)

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parking access control for visitor

  • without reservation

    • ticket taking at the entrance

    • payment at the exit or on a payment box or via the application if the car park has an ANPR/ANPR system

  • reservation by the visitor via the application

    • use of the QR Code or plate (option) to enter and exit

    • payment via the app or via a cash register using the QR Code

  • reservation by the visited via the application

    • possibility to reserve parking for their visitor (Confirmation and QR Code sent by email) via the website or the Scan & Pay application

    • apply free or a special rate via the Scan & Pay application

    • payment may be charged to the Visitor or the Visited

    • direct exit without going through a desk or automatic pay station


     smart journey • smart parking • smart business • smart occupancy 

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jurn-e is enriching its offer of peripheral solutions in operating vision:

  • signage, regulations, customer journeys, marketing support, remote management solutions, project monitoring, training, etc.

  • drafting of useful documents:  general conditions of sale, display, digital inclusion

  • analyse of needs

  • goal definition

  • proposed solution with regards to the customer journey

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jurn-e offers you an expert vision

  • critical analysis of the project from the point of view of fluidity and customer satisfaction

  • safety, cleanliness and compliance report

  • static and dynamic signage plan

  • drafting of administrative and technical documents, optimal commissioning procedure

  • planning, coordination and project management

  • support for a quarter or more during commissioning with identification of weaknesses and proposal of corrective measures

jurn-e boosts the use of technical installations

  • jurn-e markets proven digital solutions based on access control, toll and parking guidance systems (PGS)

  • jurn-e integrates, configures, installs the solutions of direct or indirect partners

  • jurn-e meets your specifications for any type of access control with a desire for dematerialization:

    • cashless​

    • ticketless

    • contactless

    • automated license plate reading (LAPI/ANPR)

    • QR Code

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     smart journey • smart parking • smart business • smart occupancy 

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     smart journey • smart parking • smart business • smart occupancy 

accès vers jurn-e business

taking a parking ticket has never been so chill!

jurn-ethe cool customer parking app!

registration via jurn-e B2C app or website

  • create an account

  • create a unique ID

  • register your license plate 

  • create a unique and strong password

  • reserve or pay on a secure environment

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dematerialized access to the car park

  • registered license plate reading

  • reading the QR Code provided by the application

  • direct opening  of the barrier according to the ticketless mode integrated in the solutions

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digital solutions tailored to your environment

  • jurn-e proposes proven digital solutions based on access control, toll and parking guidance systems (PGS)

  • hardware materials are considered accessory devices for smartphone applications

  • added value jurn-e: all installations are configured with an experimented operator vision integrated into an optimized, fluid and user-friendly customer experience!

  • customer journey designed by jurn-e could be a revenue of mobility booster!

jurn-e allows reservations

  • secured access :

    • via the jurn-e app

    • through the web portal

  • the client defines for his own account or for a third party:

    • estimated time of arrival

    • numberplate

    • e-mail

  • the user client receives:

    • confirmation by email with QR Code for access

    • confirmation on its application with QR Code and the associated license plate

for those nostalgic for ticket machines, jurn-e also offers a vintage button on the home screen of its application

for avid users of card payment with contacless or not, jurn-e has designed dematerialized weaning

an application to offer parking to its customers via the scan & pay function

  • registered companies visited can now validate the parking ticket of their customers via a mobile application (Android & iOS)

  • 3 validation methods

    • post payment

    • mobile payment

    • tarif change

  • the QR Code can be scanned OR the license plate number can be inputed to validate the free ride or receive a discount.

  • Scan & Pay also exists for meeting rooms (S&P Room)

jurn-e fits to your car park


shopping center car park

is yours missing?  

do not hesitate to contact us

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