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the fusion of two complementary approaches
an original concept of digitalization at the service of your car park access!

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the customer journey,

the heart  of your project

does the customer journey of your  project or your activity need a little digital boost?  

jurn-e advises, designs, supports and installs parking equipment and applications!

jurn-e provides and configures all applications to facilitate access, increase customer satisfaction and car park management!

     smart journey • smart parking • smart business • smart occupancy 

accès vers jurn-e business

I wanted to keep my car park free for my customers while renting excess places to neighboring businesses. The jurn-e solutions put in place go beyond what I thought possible! A word of advice if you need expertise: consult them, you will not waste your time.

Head of shopping centers

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Ancre 1

the jurn-e app

makes  your customers smile

jurn-e has designed a scalable and secure application to facilitate customer access to parking

jurn-e is accessible in just a few clicks

jurn-e adapts to your technical environment

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the question is twofold: how do I maximize my business center parking space and enforce usage? I have received elaborate responses from several vendors. All of very high quality. jurn-e's was the only one that answered questions at a competitive price. I believe that what makes them different is their agility to offer tailor-made solutions. For the first time, I don't have to adapt my plan, it's the people who do the work.

Finally a world in place!"


Technical Manager

1. listening to your expectations

jurn-e adapts to your reality, the conditions of your operation, the constraints you have to face

the solution is not unique, it is multifaceted like your daily life as an entrepreneur

The condo parking lot is not a gift. In cities, more and more owners want to modernize the use of their parking lots. Solutions had to be found to allow space sharing without falling into paid services for the user. jurn-e has implemented ANPR solutions linked to a very user-friendly app. Top ! and the icing on the cake: the building manager indirectly has a remote monitoring system!"


Condominium Manager

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we would like to help you

The parking lot was squatted with unwanted vehicles. It is a neighbor of several  institutions and the roads are chargeable. All the solutions proposed by the suppliers of conventional equipment were either insufficient or at a price disconnected from reality. With jurn-e, I finally have a solution that perfectly matches my expectations. The entire preparatory phase was carried out with the constant concern of an optimal customer journey. If I had to define the jurn-e team: anticipation and professionalism!

Supermarket manager

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